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Hiking And Trekking

The vast and diverse terrain in and around Ella offers hikers and trekkers ample opportunity to explore the dense Central Highlands through the paddy fields, tea plantations, spice gardens, waterfalls, streams, forests, hills and mountains to create a unique experience.

Being a resort near Ella Gap, The Secret Ella also gives easy access to famous places like Ella Rock, Namunukula, Ilukpalassa and Horton Plains which are unspoilt havens for trekkers and hikers who love nature and the wild. Little Adam’s Peak located five minutes away from The Secret Ella is Ella’s most popular tourist attraction which resembles Adam’s Peak and is a short half hour climb to the top to capture panoramic views of an endless valley, tea plantations and waterfalls.

Ella Rock is a challenging ardent climb not meant for the faint hearted that takes about three hours to see breathtaking views of the valley.Another historically rich must see location is the Ravana Ella Falls which is ranked as one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka. The falls form part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary that also house the famous Ravana cave known and recorded in history as the place where Seetha from India was kidnapped and held captive by King Ravana.

The Bambaragama Falls is another scenic spot not to be missed as it is ranked as the second largest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Besides these, the hamlets in the deep wilderness, shrouded and wooded hills, rolling plains and plenty of irrigation reservoirs of the North Western Province offer plenty of terrain for hiking and trekking around Ella.

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