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Dova Temple

Steeped in history and set amidst a sanctuary of serenity, the Dova Temple offers visitors an insight into the region’s rich heritage and is among the must see attractions in Ella Sri Lanka. Also known as the Dova Raja Maha Viharaya, this sacred Buddhist site is a 15 to 20 minute drive from The Secret Ella and provides a fascinating journey back in time.

Surrounded by the lush green landscapes of Ella, the Dova Temple dates back to the first century B.C built under the patronage of King Walagamba. The most striking element here is the towering 38 foot tall Buddha statue; though unfinished, this magnificent statue that has been carved into the rock has stood the test of time and has patiently watched over the site through the centuries.

Amidst the tranquillity and seclusion, visitors will come across an Image House with several chambers where one can see ancient murals intricately painted onto the walls as well as images and statues of Lord Buddha. As you explore the site further you will come across a cave within which lies a small stupa and behind it, what is known as the Ravana Guhawa (Ravana Cave) which is guarded by a clay sculpture of a king cobra. Sealed off at present, this underground tunnel is believed to stretch for 11 kms connecting the Dova Temple with the Bogoda Raja Maha Viharaya.

Back outside, the hushed whispers of the temple Bo Tree beckons visitors to pause and reflect on the surrounding beauty, the perfect atmosphere in which to soak up the stillness and watch the world go slowly by.

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