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When residing at The Secret Ella, one would have plenty of opportunities to set out on daily excursions and attractions located nearby. One will certainly be spoilt for choice when wanting to explore Ella and its glorious surroundings on our enchanting Ella day tours in Sri Lanka.

Elle Wala Falls

Located on Ella -Wellawaya road, Elle Wala Falls is not the closest to the Ella town but worth the travel. This is famous for its amphitheater-like placements thanks to the boulders surrounding the area and the natural swimming pool created at the bottom of the falls.

Nil Diya Pokuna

An underground chamber complex believed to be a part of the King Ravana legend lies approx. 100m below the surface.
The highlight of the place is the underground pond containing bright blue color water, that goes deep into the rock. The climb down is a difficult path, passing narrow corridors and slippery cliff edges, so make sure to take a guide with you.

Diyaluma Falls

Upper waterfalls of the famous Diyaluma Falls, well-known for its scenic series of natural pools cascading towards the edge of the cliff and for the opportunity of free diving.
There are 2 ways to this place, one starting from Makaldenya junction on Poonagala road, which is the road starting above the Diyaluma Falls or you can also start from Koslanda village and hike up to the top of Diyaluma Falls.


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