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Adisham Monastery

Completed in 1931, the magnificent property of the English planter, Sir Thomas Villiers is located in the breathtaking town of Haputale in the Badulla District. The country home which is named after the former owner’s birthplace is a must visit while in the country. The Adisham Monastery is amidst the astonishing attractions in Ella which was maintained by the Benedictine Monks since 1961 boasts of Tudor style architecture and immaculate design.

Retaining its Elizabethan charm, the bungalow features granite walls, narrow turret windows and roofs, doors made from Burma teak, thus keeping with the luxurious creation Sir Thomas wanted his dream home to be. The mansion also plays host to neat lawns with stunning orchards surrounding the house. The gardens that contain apples, ripe plum and strawberries add to the beauty of the surroundings. Arrays of birds such as the enchanting hornbills, blue magpies, paradise flycatchers also can be seen chirping on the grounds.

Guests could also enjoy a range of cordials and jams produced by the Adisham farms and the funds raised from selling these fresh produce help maintain this marvelous creation.

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